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    Arts & Culture , Community , Education
  • Who We Are

    The Kanonji-Appleton Sister City Partnership (aka: KAP) is a volunteer run nonprofit organization comprised of adults and students with an interest in global cultural awareness, Japanese culture, Language, education, community involvement and/or personal enrichment. Since 1988, KAP members have been sharing culture, ideas and friendships with the people of Kanonji, Japan. Our purpose is to educate, encourage cultural exchange and build understanding between the peoples of Kanonji, Japan and Appleton, WI. To further these goals, a two week summer student exchange program between the two cities is conducted involving students grades 8 and up, their families and members of both communities.
  • What We Do

    Kanonji Appleton Partnership (KAP) is Appleton's Sister City Organization with Kanonji, Japan. Since 1988, KAP has been sharing culture, ideas and friendships with the people of Kanonji, Japan. Currently, our main focus is a 2 week student & adult exchange during July/August. Students & Adults of both cities experience a homestay visit exchange. This gives Appleton students the opportunity to learn first hand what life is like in another country. When followed by hosting a Kanonji student in Appleton, students gain more understanding of how others view our culture. Past exchange students have said that it really opened their eyes not only to what other cultures are like but they also gained insight to American culture as well as to their own person life. In addition to the exchange program, we are a resource for connections between Kanonji & Appleton businesses, arts, government, etc. KAP is also working on an arts exchange where musicians, artists, crafters, and writers can share their skills within the communities thus exposing our citizens to new unique experiences. In June of 2019, Mayor Hannah & musicians Cory Chisel & Adriel Denae traveled to Kanonji to kick off a new musical collaboration between the two cities. KAP is expanding its outreach programs and is looking for motivated volunteers to share their skills to help accomplish this new phase in KAP's future.

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